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Geno Tournour: Spotlight Interview

Geno joined the Historic Ithaca/Significant Elements team in November 2021 as the Work Preserve Outreach & Education Coordinator. Geno’s background is in education. He has taught high school level English on the Navajo Indian reservation and in the South Bronx. Since moving to Ithaca in 2004 he’s worked at TC3, and at Challenge Workforce Solutions as Director of Social Services programs, managing multiple contracts with DSS and a job readiness program focusing on assisting individuals with economic barriers to employment.

One of the highlights of Geno’s recent experience on the job has been working with BOCES participant, Jordan Bailey, which has been a real delight. He mentions “It’s been great to see Jordan really take pride in his work and feel that he is making a positive impact on the store.” Geno goes on to say “I really enjoy being a part of the amazing Work Preserve team.”

Geno recently moved into a house in Fall Creek, built in 1860, and has been renovating it, taking up much of his free time. However, he is a man of many talents. He adds, “I am a writer of fiction and memoir, and also a musician.”

Geno’s words about the Work Preserve program are something to be shared. “The reputation of the Work Preserve Program in the Ithaca community is quite remarkable. In my role as Outreach Coordinator I’ve been very impressed by how much our partner agencies and businesses are willing to collaborate and support the work we do here. We provide an individualized approach to each of our participants and find new and innovative ways to develop life skills and pathways to long term and meaningful employment for youth and young adults.”

Please join us in welcoming Geno to the team!

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