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Village of Freeville's New Panels June 2022

The Village of Freeville has recently unveiled nine interpretive panels for Station Park. Fittingly, they focus mainly on the railroads that loom so large in Freeville's legend, but an effort was also made to present a broad overview of the incorporation of its history as a settled village.

When visiting Freeville, you can see three panels at the kiosk at the end of the tracks in the pocket park and the other six in the bus shelter, which is modeled to look like Freeville’s last train station.

Mayor David Fogel spearheaded the project with designs from Amelia Kaufman and contributions from Village Historian Kristen Olson Jason Cuykendall, Brian Buttner, Mark Charles and the four local grandchildren of Albert Genung: Rachel Dickinson, Nancy Carver, Jan Bridgeford-Smith, and Amy Dickinson.

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