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Work Preserve Success!

Adam, a 24 year old who came to Work Preserve through the Job Link program seven months ago, stopped by the HI office to let us know how his new job at Joann Fabrics is going and to reflect on his time at Work Preserve and Significant Elements. He says that during his time with us, he learned how to clean antiques efficiently and safely and how to approach a task with a more positive attitude than he had at previous jobs. Adam particularly enjoyed working with the more intricate antiques and specifically remembers an oil lamp that made an impression on him. He says that while he was searching for his current job, Work Preserve prepared him for interviews in ways that made him less nervous and more ready to present himself as a fitting candidate. Adam had previous work experience but Work Preserve prepared him to be a part of a professional network by offering patient guidance. He advises future members of the program to explore their career options, and to not get complacent in their work. Looking forward, Adam wants to take on more responsibility at Joann's and has several ideas on organization and efficiency and is planning on honing his craft of silversmithing!

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