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Work Preserve Graduate Spotlight: Jayminson

Jayminson (Jay) was matched with the Work Preserve through the TST BOCES Program. Every morning Jay would arrive at school and be shuttled to Significant Elements. No matter what, he arrived ready to work. This says alot about Jay and his work ethic. The early morning routine became a testament to his dedication and enthusiasm for the opportunities presented by the Work Preserve program.

Jayminson stands in front of future bookshelf project that he sanded and prepped for painting

When asking Geno Tournour, Work Preserve Manager, about Jay’s time training with Work Preserve Geno notes, “Jaymison took on the challenge of learning a host of new skills; from taking apart a bathroom sink, mastering SE’s pricing system, plastering, sanding and painting the drywall of our second floor warehouse space all with determination, a strong work ethic and a desire to do a good job. He was a pleasure to work with.”

Work Preserve offers unique challenges for each individual. Jayminson mentions that “learning the new tools” and taking the time to listen to the instructions can be difficult for him. He is a hands-on learner and enjoys the process of explorative learning. Hannah, Retail Associate with Significant Elements, spent time training Jay during his time here. She says, “Jayminson took the wheel for every project we did. I think he found purpose in each by giving it a genuine effort.”

As our long-time supporters know, Significant Elements is a unique retail environment that receives community-led donations of goods. This means that each item is unique and requires time and effort to price effectively. Jayminson says, “I enjoyed working on the computer, pricing, and looking up the different items.” Being able to work independently and with focus is certainly one of Jay’s strong suits. One of his proudest moments was painting the storefront. Jay explains, “it is there to see everytime I come back.” We believe this exemplifies the profound impact that this program has on individuals like him. Beyond the acquisition of practical skills, Work Preserve fosters a strong work ethic while building confidence and a sense of pride in one's accomplishments.

Significant Elements Architectural Salvage Warehouse Entrance that was painted with Jayminson's help

Jayminson is currently in the process of building his resume, doing mock interviews, and filling out applications for employment - everything he needs to find and keep a job. He will focus on the remaining schooling required to graduate from BOCES and begin his job search in June of 2024. He mentioned that he “loves animals” and believes that working with a groomer, shelter or vet’s office would be a “dream job.” “I’d like to wash, and check for fleas and ticks, that way I can pet them” he said with a smile.

If you think Jayminson would be a good fit at your workplace or if you’re a local employer who is interested in our program’s graduates please contact

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