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Recognizing our Municipalities

Tompkins County offers a unique geography and a mosaic of a center city, villages and rural towns. We have incredible natural beauty and an interesting landscape to discover. Each municipality has unique characteristics and cultural aspects. In order to appreciate the sum that is Tompkins County one needs to visits its parts. We, of course, invite visitors to explore not just Ithaca but all the towns and villages in the county and we also remind residents that they can be travelers in their own backyard. We sometimes forget that we can have adventures within our own borders. The municipal brochures are tremendous new resources that were updated to coincide with celebrating the county’s bicentennial. The brochures include points of interest and historic sites, timelines, residents of note, cemetery and census information.

Check them out at: Then go out and visit the sites mentioned in each brochure and learn about the fascinating history of the county’s towns.

Rod Howe

Executive Director, The History Center in Tompkins County

Originally written for the blog by Rod Howe.

Published August 1, 2017.

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