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Carol U. Sisler

Carol U. Sisler was Historic Ithaca’s first dedicated staff member, initially hired in 1972 as the executive secretary, and later serving as the organization’s executive director. From 1972 to 1983, the year of her departure, Historic Ithaca grew from a 200 member organization to a nationally recognized entity with over 600 members. Most significantly, the Clinton House was bought and restored during her tenure. Sisler spent her days moving between writing and research in her executive role to painting throughout the Clinton House alongside a dedicated group of volunteer workers. Her tenure was also marked by many years of advocacy for the Boardman House and other significant buildings, the battle over the fate of Cornell’s Ag Quad, and the beginning of historic district tours and other educational programming. These years were some of the most productive and transformative in Historic Ithaca’s history.

Connie Saltonstall, 1973


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