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Guess who's back, back again? Bethany's back, tell a friend!

Bethany standing in front of her carved wooden artworks

We are thrilled to announce the return of our talented Marketing Coordinator, Bethany Parisi at Historic Ithaca. After a brief absence, she is back with renewed enthusiasm and creativity to continue the essential role in promoting and preserving the built environment in our beloved community.

During her time with Historic Ithaca, Bethany has been involved in some incredible projects, but one that holds a special place in her heart is her work with Friends of Ithaca City Cemetery. The cleanups and preservation efforts organized by this team have brought together passionate individuals dedicated to maintaining our local history. Notably, they also had the opportunity to capture the beauty of headstones featured in "Permanent Residents: Buried in Tompkins County," an experience that took them on a fascinating journey through family burial plots and historic cemeteries, connecting with the region's rich heritage.

Bethany’s journey to becoming the Marketing Coordinator at Historic Ithaca was influenced by her past work and life experiences. She brings over 10 years of product photography, design, and antique knowledge to this position. This allows her to combine her love for history, art, and community engagement in a meaningful way. The majority of Bethany’s working days are filled with online tasks, managing social media and website content, as well as designing promotional materials. Occasionally she gets to step out of the digital realm and explore the fascinating homes and buildings that make our area so unique. She says “connecting with customers at Significant Elements and witnessing their creativity in finding salvaged goods and turning them into something new and exciting is the best part of my job.”

“One aspect that brings me the most fulfillment is working with the Work Preserve Participants.” Witnessing these individuals learn transferable skills and grow in professionalism and confidence is incredibly rewarding. The exchange of knowledge between employees and participants fosters a continuous learning experience, where valuable life lessons are shared, like "always bring four pencils to a project, you'll end up with only one in no time" and "laugh at your mistakes but make sure you learn from them."

So, what motivates our Marketing Coordinator to wake up and come to work every day? Her recent purchase of a 1936 craftsman bungalow with her partner has sparked a passion for restoration and remodeling. The treasures they find behind Significant Elements' doors inspire them to contribute even more to the preservation of our built environment.

On her days off, our Marketing Coordinator reveals a hidden talent as an artist, using traditional folk carving techniques to create captivating wall hangings characterized by nature themes, intricate patterns, and negative space.

Bethany adds, “As I rejoin Historic Ithaca, I want to express my belief in the organization's mission. Promoting and preserving the built environment through education, advocacy, and action is not just an abstract idea but a tangible reality at Historic Ithaca. The unwavering dedication of my colleagues to making a difference in preserving our heritage for future generations, teaching transferable green job skills, and sourcing the very best architectural salvage is what makes Historic Ithaca worthy of your support.”

Join us in welcoming back our passionate Marketing Coordinator and let's continue to support Historic Ithaca's vital mission together!

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