On Thursday, May 11, 2017 we celebrated our annual presentation of the best recent sensitive restoration and preservation projects within Tompkins County and the presentation of the 2017 Joseph O. Ciaschi Award for Preservation Excellence. It was a wonderful night!

Click here to view the full awards presentation.

Thank you to our hosts at La Tourelle Resort & Spa.

Winners include:
Leon Ginenthal, Cancer Resource Center, Ithaca: porch and garage rehabilitation and creation of a new garden.

V. Romanoff and Associates, Trumansburg Liquor Store: rehabilitation and restoration.

Ted Crane: Slow Lane Residence, Danby, creative reuse of salvaged material.

Centerline Farm, Brewster and Company: barn rehabilitation, Dryden.

Lisa and Gary Ferguson, Nathan Bishop: Laughing Goat Fiber Farm barn, Ithaca, creative reuse of salvaged material.

The Strebel Planning Group, Rick Lazarus, Brewster and Company: barn rehabilitation, Varna.

Kimberly and Andy Norberg, Steve Gibian, Pierre Sassone, Rich Shriner, Jake Hallagan: 840 Snyder Hill Road, Dryden, sensitive rehabilitation.

Teresa Halpert Deschanes and David Halpert, Mike Worcester: 204 North Geneva Street, Ithaca, rehabilitation.

City of Ithaca Dept. of Public Works, Claudia Brenner Design, Bert Fortner: Stewart Park Tea Pavilion, Ithaca, sensitive reconstruction.

Jason K. Demarest Architecture, McPherson Builders, Shen Properties – Ted Wong, Lang Shen, Yung Shen: Griffin Building, 224 East State Street, Ithaca, sensitive reconstruction.

Joseph O. Ciaschi Preservation Excellence Award: Gina Prentiss.​


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