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The Old Library at N. Cayuga and Court Streets

Redevelopment plans for the old library site should take into account impacts on the character of the surrounding historic neighborhood, says Historic Ithaca’s Advocacy Committee.

In a letter to the county’s Old Library Committee, Historic Ithaca supported multi-use development while urging the committee and developers to prioritize neighborhood compatibility by:

  • reflecting the district’s scale by limiting height to four stories and moderating massing.
  • incorporating traditional building materials that are appropriate to the construction and form of the building rather than simply surface treatments
  • drawing on roof forms found in the neighborhood
  • including ample setbacks and sidewalks, and minimize surface parking to enhance the pedestrian experience and maintain existing sightlines
  • encouraging the retention and reuse of 121 W. Court St.

The Advocacy Committee also asked the county to  consider the value of the existing building’s embodied energy and material resources when reviewing the carbon footprint and energy efficiency of proposals.

Read the Advocacy Committee’s letter (July 7, 2014)

Find out more about the project

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